Mani Monday – At-home gel manicure in @OPI_PRODUCTS My Private Jet

August 17, 2020

I have been trying to save money by not getting professional manicures, but the longevity of my nail color has suffered because I’m doing nail polish manicures at home and I was getting gel manicures at the salon. Thankfully, @sdockendorf purchased an at-home gel manicure set and I was able to test it out a couple of weeks ago!


🔘 @sunuvstore UV LED Nail Lamp (currently unavailable –

⚪️ Similar products from the same brand: ($25.99) and ($26.99)

🔘 Base and top coats: @gelishprofessional Foundation ($12.99 – and Top It Off ($12.99 –, both from @beyondpolish

🔘 Color: @opi GelColor My Private Jet ($17.99 for .5 ounces from @beyondpolish –

⚪️ Described as a “Luxurious deep black nail polish with hints of glamour.”

My verdict?

This is a miracle! I can finally get the longevity of a gel manicure at home! Just like after a service at the salon, this manicure lasted 10 days on me with zero chipping! I only changed my polish because the regrowth was pretty intense. Now, I have too many regular polishes to invest in a system like this for myself right now, but I’ll definitely take advantage knowing a friend has it!

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