Try Out Tuesday – @sexyhair Big Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray

August 11, 2020

When I get gifts with purchase, sometimes they go immediately into my giveaway pile because I have gotten quite good at knowing what I won’t use. However, when I get a hair product that touts volume, it goes immediately into my keep pile! This time, it was the @sexyhair Big Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray ($21.95 for 8.5 ounces – and I couldn’t wait to test it out!

What it claims:

🔘 Infused with collagen for hold that lasts up to 48 hours

🔘 Helps absorb oils and provides up to 48 hours of humidity resistance

🔘 Spray on to previously styled hair for added texture and hold

My experience:

🔘 I have used this on straight and curly hair. Normally, all texturizing products work well enough on curly hair, so I like to test it on both.

👍🏻👎🏻 On straight hair (before = photo 6, after = photo 5), it did a nice job of adding grit, which I could turn into volume. The grit stayed all day (which is good), but the volume didn’t. However, I could just zhuzh it up a bit and the volume would return for an hour or so.

👍🏻 On curly hair (after = photo 1, before = photo 4), it also did a nice job of adding grit and the volume definitely lasted for longer with this hairstyle.

👍🏻 The grit added didn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel too crunchy.

🔘 Since I just washed my hair on Sunday (and the condition I used was very hydrating, making my hair more silky than normal), I am guessing, using this product a couple of days in a row will just improve the results.

My verdict?

So far, I enjoy this product! It does enough for me to have promise for my future with it. Also, the price point is tolerable for such a large can and not needing to use a ton of it to achieve a desirable result. I will update with my final verdict in an upcoming empties post.

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