Try Out Tuesday – @JDGlowCosmetics Single Eyeshadows

July 28, 2020

I love a good sparkly eyeshadow, so when I saw everyone reviewing the incredible single shadows from @jdglowcosmetics, I knew I had to pick up a few to review!

Shades I purchased:

🔘 No Way Multi-Chrome Pressed (

✨ Fuchsia, Purple, Green, Gold Multi-Chrome

✨ Our Multi-Chrome shadows are superior and unique with its multiple chromatic colors. These shadows have a shimmer/foil finish.

🔘 Good Gawd Galaxy Shadow (

✨ Lilac, Silver, Green

✨ Our Galaxy Collection shadows are superior and unique with a Duochrome & Triochrome effect. These shadows have a shimmer/sparkly finish.

🔘 Fairy Acid Galaxy Shadow (

✨ Sparkly Grey with Gold Shift…Kind of a Griege

My verdict?

I am wearing Fairy Acid on my eyes in photo five (5) and, at that point, I had been wearing it for ten (10) hours and I was very impressed that I didn’t get any creasing (which is extremely unusual for me)! I did get glitter fallout on my face while applying it, but most of it brushed away with ease and the glitter that was left behind didn’t bother me. If glitter on your face that you didn’t intentionally put there is something you don’t enjoy, just do your eye makeup first when using these. Today, I’m wearing Good Gawd and the name is so fitting because it makes your jaw drop! I’m just as obsessed with this shade as I was with Fairy Acid! I can’t wait to test out No Way very soon!

Have you tried anything from @jdglowcosmetics? If yes and you have some favorites, let me know so I can add them to my wish list!

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