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Super Sunday – @RisataWines Pink Moscato & Moscato d’Asti

July 19, 2020

Thank you so very much to @risatawines for sending me their Pink Moscato and Moscato d’Asti!

While I did share a couple of glasses with another person over 4th of July weekend, most of these libations were consumed by yours truly! I mixed both varieties with a splash of pineapple juice to give my drinks a more tropical taste and that was, obviously, super easy and delicious, but don’t think you need a mixer with either because they are fantastic on their own!

Where to buy @risatawines:

Make sure you’re following them on Instagram because through July 27th, they’re doing weekly giveaways as part of their Summer Sweepstakes!

More about @risatawines:

“Looking for a wine that adds a dash of delightful to every day? Risata does just that. With Moscato d’Asti, Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé, Scarlet, Raven, Pink and Red Moscatos, the Risata line-up of premium wines is perfect for adding a little luxury to any occasion. Risata Moscato d’Asti was introduced to the US market in 2006 and has rapidly grown to be the most sought after Moscato d’Asti in the country. Risata wines are sourced from the finest vineyards in Italy.

We’re proud to say that Risata Moscato d’Asti is the No. 1 selling Moscato d’Asti in America (yes, we’re that fabulous!). Delicious on their own or mixed up into tantalizing cocktails, Risata Wines are super-premium, yet affordable and are the perfect accessory for any get together.”

While these varieties were excellent and I highly recommend them both, I can’t wait to try their Red Moscato!

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