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Try Out Tuesday – Oh It’s Natural skincare

July 7, 2020

When I asked what black-owned businesses you all support and love, I received the recommendation of @ohitsnatural ( from @roxytries!

What I purchased:

🔘 Caribbean Coconut Hand Soap –

🔘 Radiant Glow Honey + Lavender Face Mask (which, for a limited time, comes with a free vegan applicator brush) –

🔘 Hemp + Aloe with Lemongrass Sage Foaming Facial Cleanser (formulated for normal to oily skin) –

***Use code “Roxytries” to save 10%***

My verdict?

I have been testing the facial cleanser for around a month and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! It caused eye irritation for me when I attempted to use it for eye makeup removal, so I don’t use it for that anymore. However, it removes face makeup like a dream. The way I like to use it the most, though, is as a second cleanse, once all of my makeup has been removed via a separate method. As for the hand soap and face mask, get excited because I’m giving those away to one of you in a massive giveaway that’ll go live on Saturday!

More about the company:

“Living in a busy and fast-paced world our bodies crave natural, authentic goodness, that’s why we sustainably source only the most nourishing ingredients. Like a well-balanced diet, we’ve designed a range of products that will rejuvenate your skin’s natural essence and glow.

Indulge in Oh It’s Natural’s recipes to feed your skin and help balance your well being – Naturally Good, Food for your skin.”

More about the owner:

PJ Johnson CEO / Founder

“I searched for a natural remedy for my skin ailments that met my standards—natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. I tried everything with no success. Then, I decided to try using the same hemp seed oil I used in my daily smoothie on my skin. I almost immediately saw firsthand an improvement in my skin.”

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