Mani Monday – @ZoyaNailPolish in Leif & @holotaco in Linear Holo Taco

July 6, 2020

Hopefully it’s not too obvious that I applied too many coats too quickly and was left with an excess of bubbles on this week’s manicure!


🔘 Base coat: @emmabeautyla Stuck On You Base Coat –

🔘 Color: @zoyanailpolish Leif –

💚 “…can best be described as a gentle and harmonious light sage green cream.”

🔘 Clear top coat: @holotaco Glossy Taco –

🔘 Sparkle top coat: @holotaco Linear Holo Taco –

My experience:

🔘 Photos one (1) and two (2) were taken the day after application.

👍🏻 Photo three (3) was taken nearly seven (7) full days after application.

👍🏻 It took me two (2) coats of Leif to get full coverage, although if you were in a hurry, you could possibly get away with just one (1) thicker coat.

🔘 I am wearing two (2) coats of Linear Holo Taco. One (1) would have been more than sufficient, but I wanted to see how sparkly I could get it!

👍🏻👎🏻 @zoyanailpolish included a wider brush with this polish (my preference), but I forgot to switch it out before I was all settled and ready to start painting. I don’t like the more narrow brush, so the process took longer than I would have preferred, but the outcome was still beautiful.

My verdict?

The Leif shade is a departure from my comfort zone, but it’s beautiful! Also, I am utterly obsessed with Linear Holo Taco! I would recommend both, if you have been on the hunt for either look!

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