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Mane Monday – Haircut at @MN_NAF_Salon

June 29, 2020

I feel like a brand new woman after my haircut with @jessicaskilar, owner of @mnnafsalon, last week! I know some of you may be planning to get a service done soon and may be wondering about the protocols. It varies from state to state, but here in Minnesota, this is what I did to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

1. Washed and dried my hair the night before.

2. Straightened and middle parted it the morning of. However, the middle part was a mistake because I don’t normally part it that way. Arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair and have it styled normally.

3. @jessicaskilar saw me pull up, so she texted me that she was ready for me to come in. If that doesn’t happen for you, you can call the salon or reach out directly to your stylist to let them know you’ve arrived.

4. I put on my mask and entered. Immediately, I was greeted with hand sanitizer, a temperature check and a smile!

5. She cut my hair dry (all I needed was a trim) and it took only a matter of minutes.

6. A little styling product was applied and I was on my way!

Salons need our business now, so if you have been considering going back, know that the experience will be quick, painless and clean!

What are the protocols in your state? Are they different from Minnesota’s? Also, have you gotten any services done since they’ve reopened? I have also gotten a pedicure and that went smoothly as well!

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