Mani Monday – @nailtopiabeauty Pizza Queen

June 22, 2020

Now that I look at this manicure in photos, it sure looks like an ad for @mcdonalds! Anyway. Here is another attempt at nail art! Simple, yet I think it turned out much better than the last time. Maybe I’ll even try two (2) stripes next time!

What’s on my nails:

🔘 Base coat: @orly Bonder ($10 for .6 ounces –

🔘 Base color: @nailtopiabeauty Pizza Queen ($10 for .41 ounces –

🧡 Described as a “bright pink with orange undertone.”

🧡 The brand calls its polish “Plant Based, Bio-Sourced, Chip Free Nail Lacquer.”

🧡 It took three (3) thin coats to get to full coverage.

🧡 The dry time was excellent. It only took a few minutes to dry enough for me to put on another coat.

🧡 The color is absolutely stunning!

🧡 Photos five (5) and six (6) show what the polish looked like, all on its own, nine (9) days after initial application. My left hand was nearly perfect! My right hand, as expected, was a bit more beat up, but both had me incredibly impressed! Plus, the polish on both hands was flawless for the first five (5) days and I have never encountered that doing my own nails.

🔘 Accent color: KL Polish Tropicana (no longer available, but Glow Up and Sol Glow from @nailtopiabeauty are similar)

🔘 Top coat: @holotaco Glossy Top Coat ($11 for .4 ounces –

My verdict?

I am so excited to have discovered @nailtopiabeauty! I am super impressed with Pizza Queen, so I can’t wait to try other colors! I am thinking Back to Basics, Not Today, West Side Story, Blank Slate, Sol Glow and/or Keep It 100. Which do you want to see a swatch of next?

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