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@QueenAnnaLiving – Queen Anna House of Fashion

June 5, 2020

I’m not going to stay silent this week. Instead, I’ll be supporting local, black-owned businesses.

Yesterday, @emily_olsonnnnn, Molly and I picked up my @queenannaliving order!

More about the business:

@queenannaliving is a leading contemporary women’s lifestyle boutique offering brands from influential fashion houses, as well as independent and emerging designers. Being forward thinking and innovative, Queen Anna delivers a shopping experience that exceeds what you have come to expect from brick and mortar retail.

From the signature scent of Prosecco Rose, the contemporary art, and the gleaming “QA” gold emblem to the friendly and personalized concierge styling service, once you experience Queen Anna, you’ll feel an exquisite uniqueness of style and fashion that is sure to impart a royal impression on you.

Queen Anna champions in the nonprofit arena by supporting charitable organizations and advocating for causes that impact the local community, and the world. We also partner with brands that are philanthropic and environmentally focused.

My verdict?

While I love food and thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s adventures, I was especially excited to see a black-owned boutique show up in my search results! I purchased their @livefashionable Noemi Knotted Belt ($58) and @jannaconner Taylor Threader Pearl Earrings ($45). If you want to save 15%, all you have to do is sign up for their email list! The second I picked the items up, I put them on and fell in love. The belt is exactly what I had been looking for and the earrings are such a fun twist on a basic hoop. I absolutely recommend both! If neither are your style, check out their website because there is a ton more to choose from!

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