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Support Sunday – No-Bake Cereal S’Mores Bars

May 24, 2020

So many of the people I follow create amazing content, so I am bringing back “Support Saturday/Sunday” to highlight my favorites! Today, I tried out @kathleenscravings’ No-Bake Cereal S’Mores Bars!

Supplies needed:

🔘 6 tablespoons butter (plus additional to grease pan – or cooking spray)

🔘 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

🔘 1 bag mini marshmallows (1 cup set aside)

🔘 1 teaspoon vanilla

🔘 10 ounces Golden Grahams cereal

The full recipe can be found on her website:

My experience:

My sister, brother and I own a transportation company and take to heart our family-first message because my niece’s have been e-learning in our conference room for a couple of weeks with me as their teacher (in between doing my actual job). Since I wanted to make sure that I’m encouraging them to learn more than just what their real teachers assign, Friday was the day I reserved for making no-bake snacks! However, I made several mistakes along the way.

👎🏻 I didn’t bring a large enough microwavable bowl to microwave all of the ingredients together, so I melted everything separately and then combined them. I truly believe that was the reason my bars turned out more like trail mix.

👎🏻 I forgot to add vanilla.

👎🏻 I forgot to bring a pan. If every other step had gone well, that would have made the bars pretty thick. However, since nothing else went right, the pan I did use turned out to work just fine!

My verdict?

Even though I just went through all of the things I did wrong, want to know the silver lining? The final product was still absolutely delicious! Just goes to show you, mistakes are not always bad! I do plan to try and make this again properly, but until then, I’ll just be over here, enjoying my yummy failure of a no-bake dessert!

If you have any other recommendations for people I should support for this series, please let me know below or in a DM!

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