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Skincare Saturday – @PIXIBeauty Hydrating Milky Peel

April 4, 2020

Thank you to @pixibeauty for sending me their Hydrating Milky Peel ($24.49 for 2.71 ounces –!

What it claims:

🔘 Gentle micro-peeling cream that clears away dead skin cells in order to delicately brighten your complexion

🔘 The deeply moisturizing formula of this gentle exfoliating cream is enriched with Natural Cellulose

🔘 The benefits of this gentle micro-peeling cream are enhanced by nourishing Coconut and skin-balancing and protecting Probiotics

🔘 Arginine is included to encourage collagen and elastin production plus its antioxidant benefits

🔘 Other skin-loving botanical ingredients include Willow Bark Extract, Cinnamon Extract and more

🔘 Paraben-free

🔘 Not tested on animals

My experience:

👎🏻 The way this applies is unpleasant. It honestly feels like I’m wiping a wet facial tissue across my face because it leaves little paper feeling residue behind.

🔘 I left it on for the recommended three (3) minutes.

👎🏻 Again, per instructions, after the necessary time had passed, I massaged it into my skin and wiped it off. Be aware that it gets very messy because as you massage in, the little pieces fly off. I suggest doing it over a sink.

👍🏻 Most exfoliating products I’ve tried, no matter how thoroughly I wash them off, leave some granules behind. This, however, did not and that’s a big plus, in my opinion.

👍🏻 My skin feels super soft, exfoliated and evening moisturized.

My verdict?

I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a love/hate relationship with a product. The application and most of the removal is nearly enough to make me not want to use it again, but the other half of removal and the results help to redeem it. I’ll have to keep using this to determine whether or not it’s worth a repurchase.

Have you tried this product yet? If yes, was your experience similar?

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