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Scent Sunday – @CalvinKlein Eternity Air for Women

March 29, 2020

I planned to do an outfit post today, but then I realized, these days, in my world, weekends aren’t for done up hair and makeup! 😂 So, instead, I am introducing you to one of my current favorite scents! I received a sample of @calvinklein’s Eternity Air for Women (normally $73 for 1.7 ounces, but with only $62.05 using code VIP – and purchased it immediately after I had used that tiny vial up!

What it claims:

🔘 Eau de parfum

🔘 A modern feminine interpretation of a traditional floral with a burst of freshness conveyed through the sky of the sky accord and a dense sexiness with a cedarwood base

🔘 Fragrance notes:

💙 Top: grapefruit oil, black currant absolute, sky of the sky accord

💙 Mid: peony, muguet, pear accord

💙 Dry: cedarwood oil, ambergris, skin musk

My verdict?

This is far from the type of fragrance I normally go for, but when something works with your body chemistry, you don’t argue! It’s fresh and light, but, as the description states, it’s a little sexy, too. It has depth and lasts all day on my skin. I will definitely want this in my collection for years to come!

What is your go-to scent right now? If you’re stuck at home all day, every day, do you even put cologne or perfume on?

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