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Style Saturday – @primpboutique dress

February 15, 2020

Fun fact: I’m an introverted extrovert. That means, that while I love a good social gathering where I get to be my true, class clown self, after that is over, I need alone time to recharge my batteries. Paired with that, I have slight social anxiety when it comes to outings where I will know very few people. However, I am resolving to change that because every time I convince myself to go to something where the idea of attending makes me uncomfortable, I have an absolutely great time. The perfect example of that was the @primpboutique event I was invited to by @blushingbubbly a couple of weeks ago! That is where I was gifted this incredible dress by @primpboutique and where I met several fabulous people (either new to me or in person, finally)!

Outfit details:

🔘 Dress: I can’t find it on their website, but go check out anyway because there are so many beautiful pieces that’ll make you feel just as good as this made me!

🔘 Shoes: The exact shoes I’m wearing are no longer available, but these from @primpboutique are really similar and a great price:

I have never received so many compliments on an outfit! It was also the best I have felt about myself in a very long time – hence the reason I insisted on having a photo shoot in a couple of different locations (including the food court at @ballysvegas)! Thank you to for encouraging me to try this on!

📸: @silsetham

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