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Throwback Thursday – @bareMinerals Original Foundation

January 2, 2020

When I first got into makeup, I never even looked twice at foundation. It was all about eyeshadow, lipstick and everything glitter. When I finally decided to give foundation a try, I fell hard in love with @bareminerals Original Foundation (a $69 value, normally $46, but currently on sale for $32.20 for .6 ounces –* and for the longest time, I refused to try liquid foundation. Since that’s all I use now, I thought the fact that it went on sale presented a perfect opportunity to see if the love is still strong!

What it claims:

🔘 Weightless formula provides buildable, sheer-to-full coverage with a naturally luminous finish that helps promote healthier-looking skin over time

🔘 Free of talc, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, preservatives and chemical sunscreen

🔘 You’ll have a naturally luminous and healthy look, with the flawless finish of a liquid foundation and the feels-amazing breathability of a powder

My experience:

🔘 I purchased shade Medium Beige 12 based off of their shade finder and it’s about a shade too dark.

🔘 I used the @itcosmetics No. 110 Brush to apply it.

🔘 I used a smoothing primer and placed my concealer down first, before applying the powder foundation.

👍🏻👎🏻 Since I am used to a higher coverage liquid foundation, I felt like I had to use quite a bit of product to get a similar look. However, it never looked caked on.

👍🏻 All of my powder products laid beautifully on top.

🔘 I set my undereyes with a lighter powder and used a small amount of that same powder in my t-zone.

👎🏻 Around four (4) hours into wear, I started to get quite oily and around five (5) hours in, I could see the product had begun to wear off my chin, sides of my nose and in between my eyebrows.

👍🏻👎🏻 Even though I’m oily and there’s some wear, it looks really nice everywhere else.

My verdict?

Since I did have a very close relationship with this foundation for so long, I can’t give a complete review until I am able to test it out a few more times. But, if I am going purely off of second first impressions, I would say this just isn’t for me. It’s not mattifying and doesn’t last long enough.

* = commission link

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