Mani Monday – @holotaco and @LightsLacquer

December 30, 2019

When you purchase several nail polishes during the numerous holiday sales, you want to try as many as you can at once! Or is that only me? I enjoyed this color combo until my niece told me I had “magician nails.” And now I can’t unsee it! 😂

Nail details:

🔘 @holotaco One-Coat Black ($11 for .4 ounces –

▪️ This really is a super intense black and really is opaque with only one (1) coat! I am not used to having to be so precise (as you can tell), but the color payoff was so impressive that I already can’t wait to wear this on all of my nails!

▪️ The lasting power was pretty good. I first applied these polishes on Thursday and I didn’t get a chip until Sunday night. Now I have two (2) small chips, but I consider that to be a success.

🔘 @holotaco Party Punch – middle finger ($13 for .4 ounces –

▪️ This vibrant pink holographic glitter polish is packed with micro, small, and medium-sized silver and pink holographic glitters in a tinted pink jelly base

▪️ I am super impressed by the longevity of this one. Almost five (5) days in and it’s still perfect.

▪️ If you’re ever in a hurry, use this polish because it dries super fast!

▪️ I got this look with two (2) coats.

🔘 @lightslacquer Grl Pwr – ring finger ($9.50 for .4 ounces –

▪️ Taupe with rose-golden shimmer

▪️ I am absolutely obsessed with the name of this polish and the color!

▪️ Just as with Party Punch, this is still going strong after almost five (5) days.

▪️ I had to apply three (3) coats to get to this opacity.

Which shade is your favorite?

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