Worth the Price Wednesday – @TOMFORD Emotionproof Mascara

December 11, 2019

As someone who doesn’t wear false eyelashes, I am constantly on the hunt for a mascara that makes it look like I’m wearing them without the hassle. So, when one of my favorite YouTubers, @glamlifeguru, recommended the @tomfordbeauty Emotionproof Mascara ($46 for .2 ounces at @macys –, I saved up my @macys Money and finally made the purchase!

What it claims:

🔘 An all-day, waterproof mascara that lengthens and volumizes lashes

🔘 Creamy, smudge-proof formula lasts throughout the day without caking, clumping or crumbling

🔘 Formulated without gluten, sulfate, glycerine, sulfite, talc, peroxide, mineral oil, BHA, BHT, alcohol dry, propylene glycol, petrolatum, formaldehyde donor, ethanolamine

My experience:

🔘 Photo four (4) = no mascara, photo five (5) = single coat, photo six (6) = double coat, photo seven (7) = double coat on both eyes

🔘 I have used this almost every day for the last two (2) weeks.

👍🏻 I absolutely love the non-clumpy length this gives and that it does so in only two (2) coats.

👍🏻 I have worn this for up to sixteen (16) hours straight and my lashes looked as good that night as they did immediately after application. No flaking or transfer onto my upper lid.

👎🏻 Lately, I have been experiencing mascara transfer onto my under eye and the only mascara not to have done that was a tubing mascara. I though, seeing as this is “emotionproof” that this would solve that problem for me. While it does it less than some others, I still get that black mark under my right eye.

My verdict:

This is the most expensive mascara I have ever owned and I can mostly see what all the hype was about. I actually look forward to using it because the results are just that good. However, since I still experience transfer onto my under eye, I can’t see repurchasing this.

What is the most expensive makeup item you own?

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