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Thursday Thoughts – Velvet pearl headbands

December 5, 2019

If you haven’t noticed, headbands are back on trend and with a vengeance. In the past, I have tried and failed to find one that looked good on my face shape and size. Then, I saw a style similar to the one I’m wearing in the photo and thought, “I sure hope that works for me because it’s beautiful!” However, a quick Google search resulted in versions that were far too rich for my blood. Thankfully, I remembered my trusty friend @amazon! I ordered these lovely pieces and am shocked at how affordable they are for the quality and variety!

🔘 Allucho 4 Pack Velvet Wide Headbands ($13.99 on @amazon –

Also, if you are looking for other gift ideas for yourself or a loved one, I have some of my favorite @amazon finds featured here:!

What are some of your favorite @amazon finds?! Let me know in a comment!

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