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Style Sunday – @eShakti custom dress

December 1, 2019

For those of you offended by cleavage, I covered up in the second photo. That is my honest reaction to my photographer, @emily_olsonnnnn, stating that my face is much more tan than my boobs are. 😂

Have you ever envisioned an outfit and find so many things similar to what you’re looking for, but never exactly what you need? Well, @eshakti has addressed and solved that problem!

More about @eshakti:

“eShakti has disrupted women’s fashion with personalized clothing made to the customer’s size and height, and her preference in style. Personalization is not a niche demand but a pervasive and deep need given the diversity in human shapes and sizes. Fulfilment is however hard. eShakti has cracked the code on doing it to scale with the use of technology and unit-production knowhow. Fashion customization that is easy, fast and affordable is the value proposition. With the new eShakti FX, with a click the dress morphs neckline, sleeve and length right in front of her eyes. To many customers eShakti feels as if the future is here!”

What I ordered:

❤️ Plunge Floral Print Crepe Maxi Dress (

🔘 If I had preferred, I could have made this dress sleeveless, or midi length, or full length, but if I were half a foot shorter, long-sleeve – the options are endless!

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing holiday weekend!

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