Try Out Tuesday – Oligo Blacklight Blue Shampoo

November 19, 2019

The trend with blonde hair right now seems to be the cooler toned the better and I am fully in support of that! However, while I desire that look, my hair tends always to pull warmer toned. So, when @sdockendorf suggested I try the @oligopro Blacklight Blue Shampoo ($18.23 for 8.5 ounces on @amazon – to remove brassiness at home, I immediately picked it up to see if it could live up to its claims!

What it claims:

🔘 Formulated for highlighted, bleached, white and natural blonde hair, eliminates brassiness and refreshes faded highlights leaving hair looking cleaner and brighter

🔘 Its unique formula, enriched with 11 amino acids and argan oil, moisturizes, strengthens hair structure and repairs surface damage while increasing shine and colour retention

🔘 Made with 100% vegan ingredients

🔘 Free of sulfates, salts and parabens, keeping hair shiny and irritant-free

My experience:

👍🏻 I enjoy the scent. If this makes any sense, it smells professional and that makes me feel like it’s more likely to work.

🔘 It’s definitely a blue shampoo! It didn’t stain anything, but it may surprise you when you put it in your hands for the first time.

👍🏻 The first photo is after one (1) use. The second photo is before use. I may be imagining things, but I can see a slight reduction in brassiness.

👍🏻 The process was quick (especially in comparison to other hair treatments I’ve used).

👍🏻👎🏻 I used a lot of product, but that’s probably because my hair was completely packed with dry shampoo and it absorbed very quickly. The second application (the one that sits on for two (2) to five (5) minutes) lathered better with much less product.

My verdict?

I’m really excited about this product! If it allows me to get the exact color I want without constantly having to run back to the salon, I will be a purchaser for life! I’ll continue using this once a week (or as often as I think I need to) and will update my final thoughts in an upcoming empties post.

Have you ever used a colored shampoo?

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