Friday Favorite – @mydrunkelephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

November 8, 2019

Whenever I spoil myself with a fantastic spray tan at @_goglow, my concern is that, with my skincare routine being what it is, I would quickly wash off the tan from my face and feel uncomfortable going without makeup because the shade of my face wouldn’t at all match the shade of my body. Thankfully, with the @sephora sale going on, I picked up the super hyped up @drunkelephant D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Drops ($36 for 1 ounce at @sephora – Since I knew I likely wouldn’t need the full size I listed above, I splurged and purchased the Shelf-Respect Day Kit ($88 – in order to try it and several other very well reviewed @drunkelephant products!

What D-Bronzi claims:

🔘 A serum that immediately replenishes the delicate balance that supports a healthy barrier function of skin—like sunshine’s bronzy color, delivered without the damage

🔘 These drops include a chronopeptide that mimics the antioxidant benefits of vitamin D, omega-rich virgin marula, and black currant seed oils, along with vitamin F (fatty acids), to replenish the delicate balance that supports a healthy skin barrier function

🔘 D-Bronzi’s just-got-back-from-somewhere glow flatters every complexion

My experience:

👍🏻 As you can see, I have been mixing it with @drunkelephant’s Umbra Sheer Sunscreen ( The sunscreen is great on its own, but also works very well as a “mixer.”

👍🏻 The tone, I found, worked very well for my skin. As my tan faded, I just used less product. Since it’s on the sheer side, it was very easily adjustable.

👍🏻 You don’t need much, which was why the small container in the kit was perfect for my short-lived tanned skin.

🔘 I never used it under makeup or mixed with a foundation because that wasn’t why I purchased it. I wanted it purely for no makeup days.

My verdict?

I would absolutely repurchase this for any time I was more tan on my body than I was on my face. It was easy to use and a little went a long way – which made the price tag feel digestible. I also could tell it added hydration to my face, which was an added, unexpected benefit.

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