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First Impression Friday – Brow Lamination with @nikirobison

November 1, 2019

If this had been any other regular brow waxing appointment with @nikirobisonbrows, I still would have been elated because I had gone far too many months without the service. However, it was made so much better and more exciting because this time I got Brow Lamination! What’s that, you ask?


“Brow Lamination or glaze is the newest, trending service for your brows and I am thrilled to be one of the first technicians to offer this treatment in Minnesota! The process starts with grooming your eyebrows so they are all perfectly molded and uniform to lay flat in one direction. We can manipulate the shape in the mirror and choose whether you would like them fluffy and bold, or slightly brushed to the side to create a softer look. After we create the shape you prefer, the lamination or perming process takes place. To complete the experience, I will trim, wax, and tweeze your brows and add a complimentary eyebrow tint if desired. The entire process takes approximately an hour and your new look will last about 8 weeks and grow out gradually. You will be truly amazed with the results!”



As you can tell, the transformation is impressive! I feel like a brand new woman!

If you have been searching for an esthetician in Minnesota, look no further than @nikirobisonbrows!

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