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What’s Empty Wednesday

October 30, 2019

🔘 @soldejaneiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ( – This is my third jar of this deliciously scented body cream and I will absolutely continue to have this in my collection because it works so well! ✅

🔘 @goodmolecules Super Peptide Serum ( – I really enjoyed this serum during the summer months. It was lightweight, hydrating and absorbed into the skin quickly. Also, it’s very well priced (only $12). I likely won’t repurchase because I have others I like more, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a good product. ❌

🔘 @ralphlauren Romance Eau de Parfum ( – This scent always reminds me of Las Vegas because that’s where I purchased it (yes, that’s a good thing because I love Las Vegas!). However, that was nearly ten (10) years ago (yes, I realize it was likely expired) and my scent preferences have changed, so I don’t see myself repurchasing. I still enjoyed it, though and was consistently impressed with its lasting power. ❌

🔘 @treehut Sunkissed Sands Shea Sugar Scrub ( – Do you have issues with your shower drain constantly getting clogged? Well, we did and so Alex decided to do a full clean out of the drain and found, of course, a ton of my hair. However, the hair was not alone. It was held together by tiny granules of, what we deduced, sugar scrub. So, I would normally say I’d repurchase this product because it works great and smells fantastic, but after that fiasco, I will no longer be purchasing any scrubs for use in the shower. ❌

🔘 @bareminerals Ageless Genius Firming & Wrinkle Smoothing Serum ( – The reviews on this product were great, so I went in with high expectations. While it worked well enough for me, the design of the bottle (the dropper doesn’t run the full length, so I struggled to get the last bit of product out) will make me not want to repurchase. ❌

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