First Impression Friday – @Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer

October 18, 2019

So many drugstore concealers have been released recently that it’s hard to keep up! Thankfully, they’re fairly affordable and you can normally find coupons to make the purchase even easier on your wallet. Today, I am testing out the @maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer ($11.99 for .23 ounces at @walgreens –

What it claims:

🔘 This full-coverage, yet lightweight concealer features a precise paddle applicator that effortlessly glides the formula onto the skin for a smooth, seamless finish

🔘 Waterproof, transfer and smudge resistant, and lasts for up to 24 hours

🔘 The paddle applicator blends this high-coverage concealer onto the skin for a seamless, even finish

🔘 Range of 12 shades

My experience:

👎🏻 Something has to be wrong with the tube I got because it feels nearly empty and I just opened the package. I’ll use up what I can from it and will repurchase when it’s gone to see if I got a faulty tube or if that’s just what the product is.

👎🏻 The applicator doesn’t hold much product (but that could also be because there isn’t much product in the tube), so I had to dip in several times.

👍🏻 The shade, Light 15, feels perfect for me. It’s the exact amount of brightening I desire.

👍🏻 The coverage is beautiful. Full without looking heavy.

👍🏻👎🏻 It is a drier formula (at least my tube contains a drier formula), but it still creased a bit under my eyes. Several concealers do that on me, so I just blend eye shadow a little lower on my lower lash line to hide that.

👍🏻 I have been wearing it for seven (7) hours and it looks just as good as I did when I first applied it.

My verdict:

If my tube is faulty and a non-faulty tube would provide me better results than I achieved this time around, I would say this is a very, very good concealer. As of now, only knowing my experience, I would say it’s just good. It has potential, so I will repurchase once this runs out (which feels like it will soon) and update my results in a future empties post.

Have you tried this concealer? If yes, does yours feel half empty and a little dried out?

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