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What I’m Loving Wednesday – MN Brands for Good Fundraising

October 16, 2019

What I’m Loving Wednesday:

One of my favorite things about school and participating in activities (aside from the social aspect, of course) was fundraising. While some kids (and parents) dreaded it, I would get super pumped for them! So, when @mnbrandsforgood asked if I wanted to partner to bring awareness to their business plan, I instantly said yes. Then, I read about their message and the messages of the brands they chose to work with and I got even more excited!

About @mnbrandsforgood:

🔘 Groups earn 40% profits on high quality MN made products

🔘 We support fundraising groups of any size with no minimum or upfront costs

🔘 Supporters nationwide can shop online, orders ship direct

🔘 New 100% shelf stable products added to the collection every six (6) months

So, if you are a member of a Minnesota non-profit, school, church, PTO/PTA, booster, band, cheer team, dance studio, club or small group – this is the fundraiser for you! Contact me if you have any questions!

Some of the brands featured in the Fall 2019 Catalog:

🔘 @barehoneymn

🔘 @excelsior_candle

🔘 @mademoisellemiel

🔘 @coconutwhisk

🔘 Winter Goddess Foods

🔘 @hippop_popcorn

🔘 @citygirlcoffee

🔘 @lollidale

🔘 @eagle.and.ivy

🔘 @mikeandjens

🔘 @mickmanbrothers

For a close up of the products, go to or check out my Stories!

I’ll do sporadic reviews of the products on my Stories. Which would you like to see reviewed first?

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