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Skincare Sunday – @SkinActives Face Masks

October 13, 2019

I absolutely love a good face mask (the skin treatment, not the football penalty – unless it’s against that week’s @vikings opponent!), so was super excited to receive these beauties from @skin_actives!

What I received:

🔘 Flawless Pore Refreshing Peel Off Mask: A peel-off mask that helps remove oil & dirt from the pores.

🔘 Glowing Hydrating Gel Mask: Moisturizes, soothes & reinvigorates the skin.

🔘 Calm & Soothe Intensive Recovery Mask: This hydrating repair mask relieves red, irritated skin.

🔘 Ageless Restorative Cream Mask: Provides anti-aging benefits & helps keep skin hydrated & pores clear.

🔘 Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Mask: Double exfoliation power plus soothing oat and turmeric offer smooth skin without causing redness.

So far I have tried the:

🔘 Peel Off Mask — This was a bit difficult to use. It said to apply a thick coat, but it was quite liquidy, so a lot of it just slipped down my face. Also, if you apply a generous amount, it takes much longer to dry than the label says. I would suggest, if you try this mask, do a thin-ish layer. My skin did feel very smooth after removal.

🔘 Pumpkin Spice Mask — This mask smelled just like pumpkin spice, so I loved that. It also had a super fine exfoliant that made my skin feel super soft after removal. I look forward to using it again!

🔘 Gel Mask — My niece tried this and said her skin felt very hydrated after removal. However, it was also runny, so didn’t stay on her face real well.

Thank you to @skin_actives for gifting me these products!

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