(Dry) Shampoo Sunday – @verb Gentle Cleanse + Light Volume Dry Shampoo

October 6, 2019

Here I am, posting about dry shampoo – yet again! However, this time, it’s a bit different (as you can see by the photos). Today, I’m reviewing the @verbproducts Gentle Cleanse + Light Volume Dry Shampoo ($16 for 2 ounces –

What it claims:

🔘 A powdered dry shampoo that refreshes hair, removes oil, boosts body and prevents damage from washing and styling

🔘 This non-whitening formula instantly absorbs impurities and re-energizes your look

My experience:

🔘 I have used this on both me and my sister in order to see how it works on different hair types and styles.

👍🏻👎🏻 I enjoy the applicator, but have to be focused on the process or I can easily distribute far too much.

🔘 I have used this as both a morning oil remover and a nighttime oil preventative.

👍🏻 Although I can make it work in the morning, my absolute favorite (and honestly only, going forward) way of application is a generous amount all throughout my roots before bedtime. It absorbs evenly and entirely throughout the night, so I wake up with hair that rarely needs additional traditional dry shampoo in the morning.

👎🏻 When I have used it in the morning, I notice that it doesn’t absorb as well as I would like and the white powder remains for longer than I prefer.

My verdict?

Sometimes, no matter the strength of dry shampoo I’m using, it isn’t enough to fully refresh my hair to the level I desire. So, pairing it with this product, I am able to ensure my hair looks clean and volumized all day long. Also, since this is so concentrated, I actually use less product than I would if I were just dousing my hair in dry shampoo in the morning. Finally, it’s less expensive than similar products I’ve used in the past, but with the same results. For me, this is a winner!

If you use it, what is your favorite dry shampoo?

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