Texture Thursday – Masked Beauty Skincare Facial Masks

October 3, 2019

One of the incredible benefits of blogging is getting reached out to by brands you have never heard of, looking to provide you free product in exchange for social media exposure. Many bloggers have strict rules about what they’ll accept in exchange for said posts. For me, blogging isn’t about the money. I started this journey because I truly love makeup, fashion, travel, food, etc. and wanted to share my experiences with all of those things with anyone who cared to listen. Does blogging, for me, take an immense amount of time and effort? Absolutely. But knowing that my time and effort can help a brand get even just an iota more interest in what they have to offer, it’s worth it to me. Today, the brand that reached out to me was @maskedbeautyskincare!

What I received (each mask is only $6.99 retail):

🔘 Toning Red Clay Facial Mask

🔘 Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Facial Mask

🔘 Soothing Rose & Peony Facial Mask

🔘 Silicone mask brush

I have tried the Toning and Soothing Masks and thoroughly enjoyed them both! The Toning Mask felt great on my skin and left me feeling slightly toned and brighter. The Soothing Mask was a huge winner for me! It super hydrated my skin without feeling as if there was residue left behind after rinsing it off. Plus, all three (3) masks smell great!

More about the company:

“We are a small skincare brand — sold in most @hyvee stores (plus @amazon) — that makes remarkably affordable (only $6.99 per jar) facial masks with high-quality, authentic ingredients like rose petals, red clay, charcoal and sweet almond oil.”

Thank you again to @maskedbeautyskincare for sending these my way! Make sure you watch my Instagram Stories in the future for my review on the Purifying Mask!

Which one do you think you’d enjoy the most?

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