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What’s on My Plate Wednesday – @Maria_Ricardos Quinoa Flour Gluten Free Tortillas

October 2, 2019

Can a day even be considered good if tacos aren’t a part of it? I don’t think so! Thankfully, today can and has been a good day because of this delicious dinner made with @mariaandricardos Quinoa Flour Gluten Free Tortillas!

🔘 @mariaandricardos Quinoa Flour tortillas are made from a unique blend of quinoa flour, tapioca & potato starch and avocado oil!

🔘 Non-GMOs, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just full of Mucho Goodness!

Plus, to make our tacos as healthy as possible, we are using ground turkey instead of beef. See, tacos can be good for you, while still being delicious (which these definitely were)!

How do you take your tacos? Hard shell, soft shell, or salad?

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