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Must Visit Monday – Washington, DC

September 23, 2019

Last week, @silsetham and I jetted off to Washington DC for a work conference I had in Alexandria, VA! I hadn’t visited since I was in high school, so seeing it with more mature, educated eyes was quite the experience!


🔘 Dinner at Pines of Florence in Old Town Alexandria

🔘 Lunch at the Strictly Chicken food truck in Washington, DC

🔘 Dinner from @dontacova in Old Town Alexandria

🔘 Breakfast from Stone Arch at the @mspairport

🔘 U.S. Capitol

🔘 Washington Monument

🔘 Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument

🔘 The White House

🔘 World War II Memorial

We could have spent so many more days in both cities, touring museums, monuments, etc., so we can’t wait to go back! If you’re planning a visit, we highly recommend staying in Alexandria, VA and close to a train station. It made getting into and out of town cheap and easy!

What is your favorite U.S. city to travel to and why?

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