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Style Saturday – Shannon Schmidt Jewelry Triple Drop Necklace

September 21, 2019

As I have stated so many times, over and over again, one of my absolute favorite things about blogging is that I get to feature locally (Minnesota) made products! Even better is when I know the individual personally and think they’re a fantastic human being and business owner! Plus, the fact that she makes jewelry doesn’t hurt either!

More about Shannon Schmidt Jewelry:

“I am a silversmith! I love using sterling silver along with semi-precious gemstones to make empowering jewelry that suits your specific needs.”

About my piece:

🔘 Triple Drop Necklace

🔘 Valued at $100

Even better than be a locally-owned small business? She doesn’t charge extra for custom pieces! The holidays are fast approaching, so if you need something to go with a special outfit or want to gift something one-of-a-kind to a loved one, absolutely reach out to Shannon!

What is your favorite local (to you) business? Give them a shoutout in the comments!

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