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Super Sunday – @blogerize Website Redesign

September 15, 2019

I am SO excited to announce that my website has a brand new layout and it’s all thanks to Blogerize! Back in the middle of August, Olivia, a Brand Manager for the company, contacted me and asked if I would want to collaborate with their company. All I would need to do is provide a testimonial and they would provide me with a “blog makeover” for free! Of course, since I had been disappointed with my blog from the beginning, I said absolutely!

More about Blogerize:

🔘 Blogerize is a unique online course for people that want to start blogging and pursue a career as a blogger.

🔘 With our on-screen video lessons you won’t have problems following our course.

🔘 More than 15 learning modules and over 70 lessons in our online blogging course!

🔘 Our blog designers will make sure your blog looks amazing. And it’s all for free!

🔘 It’s FREE to sign up and you can get full access to our course just by creating a paid blog ($3.95/mo).

My experience:

Although the process took longer than expected (and that’s because I asked so many questions), it was worth it! After sending Olivia at Blogerize my logo and idea for a theme, the design team went to town! In the meantime, Olivia and I discussed the logistics. In order for this program to work, I needed to switch to self-hosting. It was confusing at first, but she guided me through the process and let me know that it would be cheaper than the plan I am on now with the same functionality, so I proceeded with signing up for SiteGround. After that, things moved quickly! I got the design and approved it immediately. I had questions about moving content over, maintaining my subscribers and social media linking and Olivia answered them all! I am so happy that I went through this process and can’t wait for you to check out the improved (link in bio)!

My verdict?

If you are technically challenged, but understand the importance of having a website containing your content that you want to ensure you own and control, this may be the perfect program for you! It’s affordable (free!), my contact was incredibly helpful and the end result is beautiful!

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