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Thursday Thoughts – @nailsbysamanthaalbers Custom Press-On Nails

September 5, 2019

When an Instagrammer you’ve been following and admiring for a long time reaches out to you and announces she started her own business, you jump for joy! What’s even better is when she asks you to be a part of advertising her new venture! I happily said yes and that’s why I’m sporting @nailsbysamanthaalbers by @thesamanthaalbers today!

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My experience:

🔘 Mine was a Custom Set and valued at $40 (although they start at $35). You can also get Pre-Sized Sets, Nail Art (added to Custom and Pre-Sized Sets), an Application of Press-On Nails (in-person), Application Kits and Cuticle Oil.

🔘 She asked me to send inspiration photos and the width of each of my nails in mm. I sent her several pictures, but was honest in saying that I’m not too particular and wanted her to have fun with the design!

👍🏻 Speaking of the design, I love it! It’s so incredibly fun and well executed!

👍🏻 The Application Kit was a lifesaver! I didn’t have to go out and buy any supplies – they were all right in the box! Also, I was super impressed with the idea she had of taping everything down. It worked so well!

👍🏻 The included application steps, tips for helping with lifting and troubleshooting, removal steps, FAQs and contact information was super thorough! I never once was confused by a step in the process.

🔘 The only issue I had was when I went to apply the nails, I noticed (as I am sure you can, too) that they were far too big for me. Obviously, since I was in charge of measuring, that’s a big oops on my part! Unfortunately, because of that, I won’t be able to give a true wear test because they’re not full attached. However, according to Samantha, if you follow her application instructions (included), you can expect 1-4 weeks.

My verdict?

I’m not only obsessed with this idea, but the execution was nailed (pun intended) as well! The nails are gorgeous and the attention to detail in all aspects of the process was flawless! I can definitely see myself getting more press-ons from @nailsbysamanthaalbers in the future!

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