Thursday Thoughts – @milkmakeup Hydro Grip Primer

August 22, 2019

When I heard that a product was created that claimed it would grip onto my makeup and make it last longer, I thought instantly “I need that!” So, today (and on several other occasions) I am testing out the @milkmakeup Hydro Grip Primer ($30 for 1.52 ounces or $15 for .33 ounces at @sephora –

What it claims:

🔘 A hydrating, makeup-gripping primer formulated with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract and blue agave extract for all-day hydration and hold

🔘 Formulated with aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins to support skin for a healthier-looking base and provide a glassy, post-hot-yoga-class glow

🔘 The silicone-free, oil-free, green-tinted formula blends in clear to work across all skin tones and types

My experience:

👍🏻 I enjoy the texture, as it definitely leaves the skin feeling tacky. That may not be an appealing sensation to everyone, but it makes me think as though it will grip makeup, as it claims it will.

👍🏻 It makes my skin look dewy and feel hydrated.

👍🏻 My foundation applied beautifully on top because it created a very smooth base.

👍🏻👎🏻 A lot of reviews said it worked great for their oily skin and I haven’t experienced that. It doesn’t make me more oily, it just doesn’t make me any less than normal.

👎🏻 I don’t notice any remarkable addition to the longevity of my makeup.

My verdict?

While I like the texture and how it makes my skin feel immediately after application, it doesn’t, for me, make my makeup last any longer than it normally does. Now, that may be because I only use long-lasting foundations set with a lot of powder to ensure it looks the same way at the end of the day as it did in the beginning, but if I can get the same results without adding this to my routine, I don’t see a need to purchase it. If you, however, experience makeup fade, this may be something you would want to try.

If you use one, what is your ride or die primer and why do you love it?

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    Kristen Grace
    August 22, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Sounds like a great product!

    I’ve been loving the Touch in Sol No Poreblem primer 🙂

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      Katie Robison Blogs
      August 22, 2019 at 2:28 pm

      I have the Touch in Sol No Poreblem primer, but wasn’t wowed. I need to try it a few different ways before I write it off completely though.

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