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First Impression Friday – @subibeauty1 Perfect Pimple Patch

August 2, 2019

I am incredibly blessed to say that acne is not something I have ever dealt with on a frequent basis. However, on the rare occasion when I find myself with a zit, I want it gone immediately! So, when @subibeauty reached out to ask if I’d be interested in testing their Perfect Pimple Patch ($29.95 for 54 patches –, I thought why not see if this innovative way to reduce the amount of time it takes a pimple to heal actually works!
What it claims:
🔘 Our invisible hydrocolloid patches extract impurities, prevent bacteria from spreading, camouflage pimples and help heal your skin quicker
🔘 Thin enough to wear 24/7
🔘 Drug free
🔘 Cruelty-free
My experience:
🔘 The packaging is beautiful!
🔘 I never thought I would say that I was happy to get a zit, but since I had been wanting to test this, the two (2) I got were welcomed with open arms!
🔘 I applied two (2) patches to the pimples I had gotten above my upper lip. They were still at the painful stage (even though I had had them for a few days already) and I wore them overnight.
👍🏻 The next morning, I was so pleasantly surprised! They were no longer painful and were much less raised then they were the night before.
My verdict?
I will have to continue trying these before I can confidently recommend them, but upon first impression, these have the potential to be such an excellent alternative to more invasive methods of pimple removal! I will update everyone in a future empties post as to how they worked on various types of zits and if they performed just as well other areas of my face as they did on my upper lip.
What is the oddest item you have incorporated into your skincare and/or beauty routine?

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