What’s on My Nails Wednesday – @ilnpbrand Summer Lovin’

June 26, 2019

If you saw my Story last week, you will know that, immediately after applying @ilnpbrand’s Summer Lovin’ ($12.50 + 3.73 shipping on @amazon – copy and paste this link to shop:, I determined it was the most beautiful nail polish color I had ever worn!
What it claims:
🔘 Beaming from holographic splendor, Summer Lovin’ features a radiating pink sparkle that shifts through hues of yellow and green depending on the angle of your fingertips
🔘 Specially formulated with depth in mind, these buildable holographic shimmers will illuminate your fingertips with each succeeding stroke
🔘 Maximum coverage in two (2) to four (4) coats
My experience:
🔘 Photo 1 is with no additional lighting, photo 2 is with my @lumeecase light on and photo 3 is with my camera flash.
👍🏻 I achieved full coverage with two (2) coats. However, if you were in a hurry or wanted to use this as a topper, one (1) coat still really packed a punch.
👍🏻 As I mentioned above, this color is so incredibly unique and stunning!
👍🏻 I applied it two (2) days ago and haven’t experienced any chipping. However, if I do (which I’m expecting because I have had issues with their polish’s longevity in the past), it would still be worth it in my opinion.
My verdict?
As I believe I have said with all of the @ilnpbrand shades I own, I don’t care how long they last because their beauty makes up for their lasting power. I recently purchased five (5) shades, including Summer Lovin’, and am so excited to test those out next. I sure hope you aren’t tired of blindingly glittery nail polish just yet!
If you wanted to see any of the @ilnpbrand polishes swatched, which would it be? I can add it to my wish list!

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