Worth it Wednesday – @urbandecay Subversion Lash Primer

June 12, 2019

My goal is to never get hooked on false eyelashes for several reasons – cost, time, etc. So, any way that I can mimic the look without those deterrents I am interested in exploring! While looking through mascaras on @ultabeauty’s website, I came across the @urbandecaycosmetics Subversion Lash Primer ($22 for .28 ounces at @ultabeauty). Having tried lash primers with little success in the past, I was excited for this one because of the overwhelming positive reviews!
What it claims:
🔘 A whipped, creamy lash primer that conditions and preps for the perfect mascara application
🔘 The brush coats each lash from root to tip, making them thicker and longer—letting you build dramatically better-looking lashes that look like false lashes
🔘 Formulated with protective panthenol and conditioning vitamin E, this primer strengthens lashes for high-volume application
My experience:
👍🏻 The formula is, as it states, whipped and creamy. It easily and evenly coats each lash with white, so you know when you have distributed a sufficient amount.
👍🏻👎🏻 Since it’s creamy and not liquidy, it can get a slight bit clumpy. However, if you clean off the brush a bit, you won’t experience that.
👍🏻 You can obviously tell that volume and length have been added even before applying mascara on top of the primer (photo 4).
👍🏻 In photos 1 and 5, the difference between primed (my right eye) lashes and un-primed lashes (my left eye) is pretty clear!
👍🏻 What I love most is that I am so much less messy with my mascara when using this primer. Since there is already a base of volume and length, I don’t feel the need to apply so many coats and that’s normally when I get it all over my eyelids.
👍🏻 It keeps my lashes looking the same at the end of the day as they did in the beginning of it.
My verdict?
I have tried several lash primers and experienced underwhelming results. However, for my lashes, this one is different! Because of its ability to keep my mascara accidents to a minimum and give me an appearance closer to that of false lashes, this is a product I have used almost every day for nearly two (2) months!
Do you use a lash primer?

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