Thursday Thoughts – @kissproducts Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails in Fresh Air

June 6, 2019

When I first posted about my experience with @kissproducts Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails in the color Fresh Air ($7.99 at @walgreens), I stated that I used the glue instead of the adhesive tabs because I figured the lasting power would be better that way. Thankfully, @snowjbythepool chimed in and said I was mistaken and that the adhesive tabs are indeed better and that the next time I used them, I should apply them with that method instead. So, here we are!
What it claims:
🔘 Ready-to-wear gel delivers layers of ultra-shine
🔘 Ultra smooth finish
🔘 Two (2) ways to wear (pink gel glue or mega-adhesive tabs) – both included and both wear for up to one (1) week
🔘 28 nails included
My experience:
👍🏻 Using the adhesive tabs instead of the glue was a less stressful experience. I know how powerful the glue is, so not having to struggle with opening it and then carefully applying it was a relief.
👎🏻 I was surprised at how small the tabs were. I expected them to be the same size as the part of the fake nail that would attach to my real nail, but it was half that size.
👍🏻 I applied them at around 9pm last night and for the half day I’ve had them on, none of them have yet to fall off or even feel loose.
👎🏻 However, while they feel secure, since the adhesive tabs are too small (in my opinion), there are gaps where the fake nail isn’t attached to my real nail. When that gets the most annoying (aside from just looking a little messy) is when I run my fingers through my hair. I, accidentally, removed several hairs from my head this morning because they got stuck under between the fake and the real.
My verdict?
I was planning on giving these a true wear test to see how long the adhesive tabs really could hold on. Unfortunately, because of the frustration I’m experiencing due to the smaller than expected tabs, I don’t foresee myself wearing them for much longer – even though I truly do love the convenience.
Have you tried fake nails like these with adhesive tabs? Did you have the same experience as me? If not, please let me know what I’m doing wrong!

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