Try Out Tuesday – @igk_hair 30,000 Feet Volume Powder Spray

June 4, 2019

I was instantly drawn to this @igkhair 30,000 Feet Volume Powder Spray ($32 for .25 ounces at @sephora) for a few reasons. First, my holy grail dry shampoo is their First Class, so I have a built-in trust for the brand. Second, I am a sucker for anything that says it will volumize my hair enough to touch the sky. Third, as a pilot’s girlfriend, I love a good airplane reference.
What it claims:
🔘 A weightless powder that instantly lifts hair at the root for long-lasting volume
🔘 This invisible powder coats each strand of hair with Bentonite Clay to weightlessly add density and grip
🔘 Provides UV protection and is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without gluten, mineral oil and petroleum
🔘 Pump applicator gives you control over where you apply and prevents any powder spills
My experience:
👍🏻 I have tried powder volumizers in the past with very little luck because they always required me to tap the product into my hair through a sifter on the top. This is different in that it sprays out just the right amount each time.
👎🏻 I have used this product two (2) times. The first was during the winter and I found that it left white flecks all over my roots (resembling dandruff) no matter how much I worked it in. My scalp gets quite dry in the winter, so I think that in conjunction with a drying powder spray was a recipe for disaster.
👍🏻 Today, the second time I am using this product, I had a completely different experience. I watched the video that @sephora has on their website and applied it exactly how they said to (which happened to be exactly how I applied it the first time) and my results were spectacular! It blended out into my hair easily and volumized it like crazy (before application is photo 2, after application is photo 1)!
👍🏻 It has stayed present in my hair all day so far, so even if it started to fall a bit, I can easily reactivate it by fluffing it up a bit.
My verdict?
Winter Katie would have said that she absolutely doesn’t recommend this product. However, summer Katie is singing a whole different tune. So, if you don’t have dry scalp and want some serious, long-lasting, weightless volume, I highly recommend this product.

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