Thursday Thoughts – @purcosmetics Skin Perfecting Powder Bronzing Act Matte Bronzer

May 30, 2019

As I age, I get smarter about staying protected from the sun. However, what I haven’t lost is my desire to appear tan. Because of that, I love myself a good bronzer. So, when I heard @rawbeautykristi raving about the @purcosmetics Skin Perfecting Powder Bronzing Act Matte Bronzer ($26 for .3 ounces at @ultabeauty), it took me no time at all to get my hands on it!
What it claims:
🔘 A skin-nourishing ultra-matte bronzer
🔘 Blendable and buildable powder contains their skin-perfecting Ceretin and Energy Complexes
🔘 Use it to create a natural-looking contour, fake a healthy tan or to chisel and shape the face and the body to create the illusion of incredible definition
🔘 The Light shade is designed with a mosaic of medium tone hues, so it’s the perfect bronzer for light to medium complexions
🔘 The Dark shade is designed with a mosaic of deep tone hues so it’s the perfect bronzer for medium to deep complexions
My experience:
🔘 I purchased the shade Light.
👍🏻 I really the cocoa powder scent. However, for those that don’t like scent, it doesn’t linger for long.
👍🏻👎🏻 They weren’t lying when they named this shade “Light.” I have to apply several layers to get it to the shade I prefer.
🔘 I have applied this with three (3) different brushes and have found that I get the best color payoff with something a bit more densely packed and then I will blend out and diffuse the color I laid down with a fluffier brush.
👍🏻 It is a beautiful color and does work well as both a bronzer and a contour – which is not normally something only a single product can do for me.
👍🏻 My skin looks airbrushed in the places I apply it.
👍🏻 It lasts all day with no fading.
My verdict?
When I first used this, I had mixed feelings. The scent was enjoyable, the tone was excellent and the finish was stunning. However, I was frustrated by the amount of time it took me to build it up. Thankfully, with a little bit of application experimentation, I found a way I can successfully apply it more quickly and am now very happy I own it. I can’t speak for the Dark shade, but if you have fair or light skin, I highly recommend this bronzer.
What is your go-to bronzer?

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