Friday Favorite – Prague, Czech Republic

May 24, 2019

From May 12th through the 22nd, we jetted off to Prague, then Austria and back to Prague for our trek back to America. I took a poll on my Instagram Story yesterday asking if you’d rather just see one (1) post about our travels or multiple and almost everyone said the latter, so here’s the first! I’ll start with Prague because it was where we spent the most time.
Prague, Czech Republic:
🔘 We flew from MSP to JFK to PRG.
🔘 We were able to pack well enough to only bring carry-ons with and we did that because we knew we would be traveling via train between cities, so the smaller the bags, the easier to pack up and move them.
🔘 They have their own currency and the conversion rate was 100 Czech Koruna = $4.33 USD.
🔘 It is an incredibly walk-friendly city. We rarely took public transportation and were able to walk to each and every suggested tourist stop.
🔘 We spent most of our time in Old Town because it quickly became our favorite spot.
🔘 Beer (and occasionally wine and liquor) is VERY cheap – frequently costing less than water.
🔘 You will likely have to pay a small fee to use a public restroom.
🔘 Almost everyone speaks English, so if you’re concerned about the language barrier, don’t be.
🔘 Everyone was so friendly!
🔘 The food was delicious and they have almost every cuisine you could ever want. I’ll do a post purely dedicated to the food photos I took.
🔘 Most bars allow smoking indoors.
🔘 Everywhere you look, there is beautiful architecture. I encourage you to get lost and just walk down streets that may not have a tourist attraction at the end of them. It’s easy to find your way back, as long as you have a map.
🔘 The best way to see the city is via the lookouts on the top of the many towers they have (how I took this photo). I highly recommend all of them.
Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Prague? If so, what were your favorite things about your trip?

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