Try Out Tuesday – @yesto Coconut Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick

May 14, 2019

Another item that I picked up with my last 20% off @ultabeauty coupon was the @yesto Coconut Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick ($9.99 for 2.5 ounces). I love facial scrubs and the smell of coffee, so I added it to my cart as soon as I saw it!
What it claims:
🔘 Formulated with coffee to energize and enhance skin tone and coconut for much needed moisture
🔘 You’ll cleanse and exfoliate, washing away dirt and grime with this quick, on-the-go cleansing stick
My experience:
👍🏻 The product itself is much larger than I was expecting and that’s great because it’s already a good deal and felt like an even better one once I saw that.
👎🏻 The scent is horrible. I was expecting coffee, but I got what smells like something rotten. Honestly, it’s really difficult to use because of it.
👍🏻 It doesn’t feel gritty as you’re applying it to your face, but you will definitely feel the grit once you begin rubbing it in and the amount of exfoliation is near perfect.
👍🏻 After rinsing it off, my skin felt smooth and incredibly moisturized.
My verdict?
This is a very good product – especially for the price. However, even though I am not overly sensitive to smells, this one is too overpoweringly bad that, while I’ll use it up, I absolutely won’t repurchase. They have other versions, so I’ll likely try those instead.
Have you tried this product? It has such great reviews (although some people do mention the unpleasant scent) – maybe I just got a bad one?

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