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What Did I Think Wednesday: @mnbrandsforgood Gift Basket

April 10, 2019

Now that I have had a chance to test all of the products @mnbrandsforgood so generously gifted me, I wanted to give my final thoughts!
🔘 @triple_crown_bbq_sauce: I received Black Garlic and purchased, through my niece’s fundraiser, the Classic flavor. I haven’t received that order yet, but I tried Black Garlic on breaded chicken and fries last night and really enjoyed it!
🔘 @mademoisellemiel: This Honey Hot Cocoa Bomb was so much fun to consume! I heated up milk, dropped this in and enjoyed my hot chocolate!
🔘 @barehoneymn: This originally came as a set of four (4), but I used one to make the Brownie Batter Balls I posted about on March 30th. Alex put some of the Quince Blossom on toast and said it was good!
🔘 @lollidale: I received the “Thank You” version of their socks. I love the colors and they are very comfortable!
🔘 @hippop_popcorn: I sampled the Cheese flavor while at an event and liked it, but loved the Caramel, so decided to do a giveaway for the Cheese I was gifted. Congratulations again to @kaylalalaf for winning that giveaway!
🔘 @kindlips: I also chose these as a giveaway item and congratulations again to @theluvof_makeup3 for winning! She said she tried them and loves them for the scent and texture!
🔘 @junitasjar: These cookies are crispy and so delicious! I loved them so much that I ordered more through the fundraiser!
🔘 @essenceonelife: The Sleep Rollerball has an excellent applicator and smells so good!
If you have been wondering why I have been posting so much about @mnbrandsforgood and the companies they partner with, it’s simple – I strongly support their mission! In case you didn’t know, they are a locally-owned (MN) company helping student groups maximize their fundraising with the best-selling MN made products. They partner with schools, sports teams, arts and activity clubs and other student groups to raise funds and reach goals! When partnering with @mnbrandsforgood, local groups earn 40% profits by selling products that people actually want to buy!
If you have someone in your life who lives in MN and is influential in their student’s group’s fundraising efforts, please tag them below! I am sure they will thank you for introducing them to such an amazing opportunity!

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