Try Out Tuesday – @theslylash Eyelash Curler

April 9, 2019

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I’m a bit afraid of traditional eyelash curlers. When I was in college, I would curl my lashes, put mascara on and then do another round of curling. On one fateful evening, before all of that, I had put lotion on my hands. During the last step, my hand slipped and I pulled out all of my eyelashes. It didn’t hurt, but boy, was it shocking! Eventually they grew back and I’m a stronger person because of that experience (😂), but ever since, I’ve been nervous around metal curlers. So, when Melissa from @theslylash reached out and asked if I’d want to try The Slylash ($9.95 with free shipping at, I couldn’t say no!
What it claims:
🔘 The ultimate makeup tool – it can function as an eyelash curler, mascara shield, contour and blush guide, cat eyeliner guide and eyebrow shape guide.
🔘 Beats any other eyelash curler hands down because it won’t break your lashes, pinch or pull and works on any eye shape.
🔘 Washable
🔘 Made in the USA
My experience:
👍🏻👎🏻 I won’t lie – this product takes quite a bit of getting used to. I have used it four (4) times now and I’m just starting to get comfortable with the hand motion.
👍🏻 However, once you do get used to it, it’s quick, painless and very effective!
👍🏻👎🏻 As you can see in the video, I also used it for a mascara shield. It worked fairly well for that. It’s a bit too thick to get as precise as I like, but if you are often messy with your mascara application, this may be a great added benefit.
👍🏻👎🏻 I don’t believe I’ll ever use it as a brow, blush, or contour guide because I have those steps down, but for someone who doesn’t, this may be very helpful!
🔘 I look forward to trying it as a winged eyeliner guide because that I need!
🔘 Photo 2 is after using The Slylash and mascara. Photo 3 is before The Slylash and mascara.
My verdict?
The multi-tasking aspect of The Slylash is so impressive! You can tell the amount of research and development that went into it was extensive. As for the performance, I’m pleasantly surprised! For the price, even if you only use it for curling your lashes, it’s worth it!
Do you curl your lashes every day?

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