(Do I) Still Love it Saturday: @itcosmetics Confidence in a Compact Full Coverage Serum Foundation

April 6, 2019

Back in September of last year (photo 7), I posted my review of a sample I had received of the @itcosmetics Confidence in a Compact w/ SPF 50 Full Coverage Serum Foundation ($38 for .63 ounces at @ultabeauty). As you can see by that, I loved it! But, with all the foundations I already owned, I didn’t run out and grab the full size until @ultabeauty had a promotion where, if you buy one of @itcosmetics’ moisturizers, you get the foundation for free! I couldn’t pass that up, considering I remembered loving it so much. So yesterday, I wore it for the first time since then to determine if I still enjoy it now as much as I did then.
My experience:
🔘 Even though I know shade Medium is not my shade, I love the way my skin looks in my original review, so I thought, once I get naturally tan over the summer or spray tan any time of year, it may work perfectly.
👍🏻 It applied easily with a brush and, even though you’re getting much less product than you do with a traditional liquid foundation, you use less with a consistency like this one.
👍🏻 It looked stunning for the first six (6) hours. My t-zone wasn’t oily and everything looked smooth and plump.
👍🏻 It never settled into my forehead lines or bunched up around my nose.
👍🏻👎🏻 After hour six (6), it started to fade slightly on my chin and around my nose. My pores also appeared larger than they did during the first half of the day. It wasn’t the worst long-term performing foundation I’ve tried, but it wasn’t the best either.
My verdict:
I’m aware that testing out a foundation in September compared to testing out a foundation in April could provide me with drastically different results because my skin acts quite differently depending on the time of year. However, I’m still quite pleased with how this performed! I look forward to continuing to test it with various primers and setting sprays to see if I can replicate my love affair from last summer. I’ll update my thoughts in a future What’s Empty Wednesday post.
Have you had any experience with serum foundations? If yes, what did you think?

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