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Friday Favorites – Piercings at @leviticustattoo with @coleradermacher and @amazon Mirror

April 5, 2019

“The family that pierces together, stays together.” That’s how the saying goes, right?
Ever since I got my daith pierced a couple of months ago with @jesslhermann, I had been itching to get my tragus and/or helix done, too. So, when my nieces both also expressed interest in new piercings, we decided to make it a group trip!
🔘 Photo 1: My after – I got both my tragus and helix
🔘 Photo 2: Outside of @leviticustattoo after our piercings
🔘 Photos 3 and 4: During my piercing with @coleradermacher (highly recommend!)
🔘 Photo 5: My youngest niece’s after – she went with her double lobe
🔘 Photo 6: My oldest niece’s after – she went with her helix
My experience:
Cole pierced my tragus first and then my helix. If I had to give a pain level score to my three (3) recent piercings, it would be:
🔘 Daith: 3 out 10
🔘 Tragus: 5 out of 10
🔘 Helix: 2 out of 10
Since getting the piercings done, there has been little discomfort. Occasionally, my hair will get caught on the helix piercing and make me wince, but the pain is short lived.
Another favorite that I thought I would throw in is this Tri-Fold Table Makeup Mirror (photo 7) I ordered from Amazon ($24). I received it for free in exchange for my honest review, so my expectations were low. Thankfully, however, it is so much better than I could have expected! I had already been looking for something to keep on my desk and this turned out to be absolutely perfect for that! If you are also in need of something like this, go to the link in my bio, click on “Amazon Shop,” scroll down and you’ll see it listed as the first item in “Gift Ideas.”
Since I seem to have developed a slight addiction, what piercing should I get next?

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