Throwdown Thursday – Battle of the Blue Mascaras @urbandecaycosmetics vs. @colourpopcosmetics

April 4, 2019

When I first saw @glamlifeguru positively review the @urbandecaycosmetics colored mascaras, I knew I needed to get my hands on one (I picked up the shade Gonzo for $24 for .26 ounces at @ultabeauty)! When I did, my expectations were exceeded! My lashes looked long, full and BLUE! I was tempted to purchase other colors, but the price tag made me apprehensive. Then, when I saw that @colourpopcosmetics had come out with (more affordable) colored mascaras (I picked up the shade Blue Ya Mind for $8 for .24 ounces on their website), I knew it was my chance to put these two head to head to see which blue mascara would reign supreme!
What UD claims:
🔘A totally different take on colored mascara, Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara provides a HUGE pop of color on lashes and brows. The cream shades deliver intense color payout and the metallic shades provide a hit of multidimensional sparkle.
What Colourpop claims:
🔘 Introducing the BFF Mascara, she’s with you from thin to thick. BFF will never let you down, instantly lifts lashes while volumizing and lengthening in the blackest black formula. The unique twisted nylon fiber brush is shaped to comb through each lash from root to tip, delivering a buildable look that never clumps.
My experience:
🔘 Well, I definitely didn’t intend on wearing drastically different colored mascaras today, but here we are! As you can tell, Double Team (left) is a much brighter blue and stands out much more than the darker blue BFF (right) shows up as.
🔘 BFF gave me more length and volume, but got slightly more clumpy than Double Team (which never gets clumpy on me).
🔘 BFF is a drier formula, so if you tend to be messy while applying mascara, you may prefer it.
🔘 Double Team is harder to remove than BFF.
My verdict?
If I want everyone around me to know that I am wearing colored mascara, I would chose the @urbandecaycosmetics Double Team in a heartbeat. It’s a bold blue and just a great mascara. If you want to rock blue lashes in a more subtle way and you crave a little more length and volume (along with a more affordable price tag), go with @colourpopcosmetics BFF Volumizing Mascara.
Which do you prefer?

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