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First Impression Friday – @tincbotanica

March 29, 2019

I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids and in a time where anytime we weren’t in school, we were outside playing. Even though we have all grown up and most of our families moved out of that neighborhood, the wonderful memories still remain. So, when I saw that one of my neighborhood best friend’s sister had started a business, @tincbotanica, I was so incredibly happy for her! And when she reached out to see if I would like to review some of her products, I said, without any hesitation, absolutely!
About the company:
“At @tincbotanica, our mission is to provide our customers with the finest essential oil tinc(tures) available. We strive to achieve this through ongoing education and dedication to best practices in the fields of aromatherapy and holistic remedies.”
About the owner:
“My name is Amanda and I’m a mom, teacher, and DIY oil blender who has found much joy in essential oils. I try to be environmentally conscious and I think a lot about how to reduce harmful chemicals and cultivate a healthy lifestyle for my family. The more I become educated about the incredible power of essential oils…these mighty powerhouses of life-changing goodness…the more I want to share the love with others 💗”
My experience:
👍🏻 Cinnamon Mint Lip Balm: This may be my favorite product for the simple fact that I don’t often encounter cinnamon scents in anything other than candles and I love it! It is also an excellent balm. Very hydrating and just shiny enough for low makeup days.
👍🏻 Breathe Easy and Patience Rollers: I can’t get enough of scents in roller form. They’re easily transported and even more easily applied. Both scents are incredible, but if I had to choose one, I would say I gravitate more toward Breathe Easy.
👍🏻 Rose Petal Spray: Anyone that uses facial setting sprays knows that it’s all in the mist and this has a great one! Plus, it smells divine! I used it under and over my makeup today and it worked beautifully for both!
👍🏻 Sore Muscles Lotion Bar: The packaging of this is excellent. It’s easy to apply and the product is the perfect texture for being able to apply pressure while distributing onto your sore muscles.
If you want to learn more about these products and much more, go to tincbotanica.wordpress.com!
What is your favorite essential oil scent?

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