Support Saturday – Nail Tutorial

March 16, 2019

I had the idea a while back to test out tutorials from bloggers I follow and admire. It forces me out of my comfort zone, while showing support for those accounts I think deserve it! For my first post in this series, I attempted to replicate @polished_and_designed’s marble nail tutorial! What did I learn through this process? I have a much greater appreciation for the skill it takes to nail nail art (pun intended)! I got through step 1 just fine, but all the other steps that required a creative eye and a steady hand were not where I excelled. However, I did have a ton of fun and am not totally disgusted by the outcome! Thank you so much @polished_and_designed for blessing this post! I have so greatly appreciated your support!
I have two (2) more posts in this series already planned, but would love more! Let me know if you or someone you follow has a tutorial you want me to attempt to recreate!

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