Wear Test Wednesday – Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in Four Hundred For All

March 13, 2019

Since I have been experimenting with more daring (for me) lip colors, I no longer dread getting samples of shades I normally would have steered clear of. That’s why, when I got the @armani @armanibeauty Lip Magnet Second-Skin Intense Matte Color in Four Hundred For All ($38 for .13 ounces at @sephora), I was actually excited to test it out!
What it claims:
🔘 This weightless liquid lipstick leaves lips with a smudge-proof, ultra-matte finish
🔘 The formula is four times thinner and has twice as much color as a traditional lipstick
🔘 Delivers eight-hour wear and comfort, and its unique, slim, quill applicator design gives ideal precision for a perfect lip contour
My experience:
👍🏻 The shade Four Hundred For All is described as a “true universal red.” While I can’t speak to whether it’s universal, I think it works well for my skin tone and I find it absolutely stunning!
👍🏻 It is a very thin formula, so the claim that it’s four (4) times thinner appears to be accurate. However, it’s not super runny, which I like because it’s really difficult to apply lip products that are.
👍🏻 It is pigmented. I never had to re-dip the applicator to get more product to cover both of my lips completely.
👍🏻 The applicator worked well, but I realize that it’s not the same on the full-size, so that only matters if you own a sample.
👍🏻👎🏻 I agree with the claim of it feeling like second-skin after initial application, but after several hours, it’s start to feel a little drying. Still not uncomfortable, but I can feel it on my lips.
👎🏻 It it not transfer-proof.
👎🏻 After drinking coffee, water and eating lunch, there was a fair amount of wear in the center of my bottom lip, so I would not agree with the eight (8)-hour wear claim.
👍🏻 Because of its thin consistency, it layered beautifully and that also removed almost all of the slight dry feeling.
My verdict?
While I love the consistency and shade, taking into account the price and the fact that it wasn’t transfer-proof and didn’t last eight (8) hours, I can’t say I will purchase a full-size and wouldn’t recommend you do either.
Have you tried this formula?

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