Must Have Monday – Apple Watch

March 11, 2019

I swore, for the longest time, that I would never own an @apple product. Then, after years of hearing nothing but how great the brand was, I made a major life decision and switched from an Android to an iPhone. I am not on my second iPhone and recently purchased the Apple Watch (from @bestbuy) – which is my must have for this Monday!
My Apple Watch specs:
🔘 Series 4
🔘 GPS + Cellular
🔘 Gold stainless steel case
🔘 Gold Milanese loop
Why I love it:
👍🏻 I can make and accept calls and view and respond to text messages without having to lug my phone around.
👍🏻 With the color and band choice I made, it looks like jewelry.
👍🏻 I can view notifications without impolitely taking out my phone.
👍🏻 When using Apple Maps, it notifies you by chiming and vibrating that an instruction is coming (turn here, destination is on the right, etc.).
👍🏻 I used to have to put my phone in my sports bra when I was mowing the lawn, raking leaves, etc. in order to listen to music. Now, I can do it by just connecting my Watch to my headphones.
What piece of technology do you know you don’t need, but still can’t see yourself living without?
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